My name is Dave Reiter.  I'm a Grain Farming Consultant from Gainesville, TX.  I was born and raised on a 3rd generation dairy farm & grain farm.

My family owns & operates a grain farm & dairy farm operation near the Red River on the Texas/Oklahoma border.  Our family farm was started by my grandfather in 1945.  We currently have three generations of family members working on the farm.

Please allow me to provide you with a bit of background information.

I graduated from the University of North Texas in 1991, with a BBA degree in Economics.  My area of expertise is finance, banking, grain consulting, commodity trading, budgeting, investments, statistical analysis & market

My "number one love" is helping farmers increase the profitability of their family grain farm.

I've been working as a Grain Farming Consultant since 1986.

Grain Marketing is my passion in life.  I "live & breath" the grain markets seven days a week.

I have clients from 15 different states.     

My goal is to give each client my complete & undivided attention on a daily basis.  Therefore, I'm available to answer phone calls and e-mails 7 days a week. 

Call me if you want more information (800-974-8707).